Conference 2015

Sorry our conference is now full

Planning: The People’s Perspective

When: Saturday 25th April 2015 10 – 4.30pm

Where: Trades Hall, Central Glasgow

Why should you come?

  • If you have been or are about to be affected by planning decisions,
  • If you have concerns about the way the Scottish planning system works,
  • If you are a professional interested in seeing an alternative viewpoint to that normally presented at planning conferences, you will be interested in this conference.

What is happening?

Here is the full line up

Morning Speakers
Community Cases

  • Bill Frew from Canonbie, Dumfriesshire
  • James McKenzie Sustainable Shetland
  • Rosy Barnes Friends of Craighouse
Professor Geraint Ellis University of Belfast on Equal Rights of Appeal What it is, How it works
Planning Democracy on Equal Rights Campaign to Date and Peer Support Network
12.45 – 13.30 Lunch
Afternoon sessions include a fun networking speed dating session plus workshops.
The conference will close at 16.30Here is a list of workshops for the conference, you will be able to sign up for them on the morning of the conference.
  1. Equal Rights of Appeal Campaign with Planning Democracy
  2. Challenging a Planning Application with Sir Crispin Agnew QC
  3. Public Involvement in the Development Plan Process with Paul Zochowski, planner
  4. The DPEA:  how to improve public involvement in our work with Lindsey Nicoll Head of DPEA
  5. Planning and the law (including Aarhus) with Frances McCartney solicitor

Why is planning Democracy putting on this event?

Planning Democracy believes there is a relative absence of the public voice in forums where planning is debated and discussed.

This conference aims, in particular, to involve individuals and communities in that debate. We welcome everyone including professionals and decision-makers to join us in the less-heard side of the planning story.

How much does it cost?

£10 Community groups and individuals £20 Professionals (includes lunch)

For more information contact us or ring 0781 387 4805

What can I expect?

An informative day full of opportunities to network with other people who have similar experiences of planning.

Feedback from our last event in 2012


“This event was timely, important and relevant”
“You are doing a great job, thank you”
“Friendly, informative and good to speak to others in the same boat”
“Worthwhile coming? Absolutely!”
“We learnt that the problems we have faced as a community council are being experienced by many others across the country”
“We want more of the same, an excellent day”
“It’s time to reform the planning system to allow citizens and community voices to be heard and really count.”
“Let the politicians know they need fundamentally to change the whole planning system if they want to regain public trust.”

Travel Burseries

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