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Caring Democratic Planning or Exhausted Citizens?

“Exhausted, isolated, anguished, traumatised, frustrated, baffled, depressed, rejected, raw and wounded”. These are words that have been used by ordinary people to describe their experience of democratic planning in Scotland. The words are shockingly...


Planning Policy at Parliament

On Tuesday the Local Government Committee at the Scottish Parliament were discussing the most influential planning documents in Scotland, the 3rd National Planning Framework (NPF3) and Scottish Planning Policy (SPP). Admittedly they didn’t look...

People on three lines of chairs from above. Attribution: oasty40/Flickr 0

We are going places: want to join us?

Would you like to join the Planning Democracy team? We are a group of individuals made up of the organisation’s committee of six, a number of advisors (including lawyers, planners and fundraisers) and many...