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A change of law for Portobello Park?

In 2011 Edinburgh City Council granted planning permission to itself for a new school to be built on Portobello Park having first announced its intention to develop the park in 2006. The Council, however,...

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From Fairytale to Reality

Public involvement in decision-making is core to Planning Democracy’s work and as one of the charity’s trustees I’m often talking about creating a step-change in engagement. But lurking somewhere in the back of my...


What’s Left of Planning?

Written by Andy Inch, this blog first appeared in the Scottish Left Review. Who possesses this landscape? The man who bought it or I who am possessed by it? False questions, For this landscape...

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SPP consultation

Read our response to the consultation on the Scottish Planning Policy SPP Review response form Planning Democracy This consultation is being run in parallel with the NPF3 consultation. For more information go to


The myth of sustainable economic growth

The current obsession with promoting “sustainable economic growth” has long worried us here at PD central. The myths surrounding economic growth have to be challenged and that is why we signed this excellent Scottish...

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Planning and community empowerment

Last month the Government launched a consultation on its proposed Community Empowerment and Renewal Bill floating lots of interesting ideas.  On Twitter today the consultation team asked for our views on the link between...